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DIY Minecraft Party Favors (on the cheap) Part 1

Come join me for some original DIY Minecraft Party Favors (on the cheap) Part 1 to get us through all those Minecraft party requests.  If you're like me, than you are tired of buying junk and candy for the same ol' party favors.  Most of these DIY Minecraft party favors will be used long after the party is [...]

My 15 Favorite DIY Boys Party Theme Ideas

I know on a daily basis moms and dads are searching for cool birthday ideas for their special boy's birthday.  I decided to compile a list of My 15 Favorite Big Boy Party Theme Ideas (with content) so you can go to one place to find useful information.  I have vetted each of the posts to [...]

Celebrating National Chocolate Chip Day With Your Kids.

I know I don't need a reason to eat chocolate chips, but did you know that National Chocolate Chip Day is celebrated on May 15th?  I thought a great way to celebrate this fun "holiday" with your kiddos is by having some healthy chocolate chip recipes on hand.   I have added a no-frost chocolate [...]